Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Meet Our Team and Friends (Late October edition)

Hello Everyone,

Earlier this month we looked at Cassidy and PopALERT as part of our 'Meet Our Team and Friends' edition and this month we're going to be looking at some more great people, today we will be writing about Kaitlyn and Verona.

Kaitlyn Thomas

Kaitlyn was one of the first to join ATS when we were a show with just an idea and very little else and over the last two years we have gotten to see Kaitlyn develop her skills from singing to songwriting to performing on stage and there is no doubt that she is going places and in a hurry.

Kaitlyn sings songs from a variety of genres, she can sing country and she can sing pop, she performs her own material as well as covers but the focus of her work is her originals with several songs being available to purchase on iTunes and you can buy them here and her song writing is so successful because she has just won Category 1 at the ACMF National Songwriting Competition which was for students in Years 5 and 6, Kaitlyn won with her song 'Summertime' and her first place finish earned her a certificate and $600 worth of music equipment or music tuition plus she won her school a grant for $400 from ACMF.

Kaitlyn has also performed in productions such as 'You're a good man, Charlie Brown' and has also allowed her songs to assist charities for example YAMS Foundation with her song 'I Wish' which you can still buy in the link provided in the previous paragraph.

2012 will end amid a flurry of activity for Kaitlyn with several shows to perform throughout Victoria and who knows what 2013 will bring but there is a feeling that 2013 will be a massive year as she continues to climb the ladder that leads to national recognition and perhaps from there, the world.

Verona Rose

Verona is our first overseas member and is just our second member to play rock music with Jourdain Wongtrakun being our first last year, Verona is a rocker in every sense of the word, she wears the clothes of a rocker, has the voice of a rocker and most importantly plays the guitar just like a rocker.

Verona made her debut on ATS in much the same way as most who have come through the show and that was as a guest and short afterwards was considered when it was decided to add a new member and to our gratitude she accepted and has quickly become a popular member of the show.

Verona has done it all, from playing solo to playing with the band 'These Guys' (as you have seen in the most recent episode of ATS when she done 'I Love Rock And Roll') as well as doing duets and the future looks incredibly bright as there is plenty of rock music to cover and plenty of new rock music to create and we will be around to see it happen.


These two young ladies just like the two we written about earlier this month are great, talented, hard working, caring people whose musical abilities will take them far and we hope you the reader will have agreed with our assessment and will keep an eye on them long into the future.

Don't forget you can watch our most recent episode which is 2x09 right below, it features the bubbly personality and sweet singing of Cassidy performing 'Skinny Love', Verona and These Guys showing how much they love rock with 'I Love Rock and Roll' and the rising star from Utah, Maddie Wilson singing her song 'Skirts' which is available on iTunes.

Until next time, Shine On ATST!

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